Things to do

Scrap that list of chores and write a brand new 'to do' list for a wonderful holiday at La Roussille.


The region is dominated by three great rivers, the Dordogne, the Lot and the Tarn. They make their way from the plateau of the Massif Central out to the Atlantic.

Over the centuries, the Dordogne River has carved out some remarkable caves and there are beautiful valleys which are rich and fertile whose gentle slopes are carpeted in lush greenery, ideal for the regions famous wines. The area is one of outstanding natural beauty.

The capital of the Dordogne is Perigueux. On Wednesdays and Saturdays they hold their markets in the medieval part of the town. Quality produce is on offer including assorted cured meats, truffles and foie-gras.

Together with a great climate, rivers, lakes, picturesque villages, pastoral farmland, a rich and fascinating history, numerous churches, cathedrals, castles, chateaux, bastide towns and fortresses, plus renowned gastronomy, you have a recipe for the perfect holiday destination.

You will find plenty to do at La Roussille and in the surrounding areas. The Dordogne is a beautiful part of France to explore, with many enjoyable things to do and see, whatever your interests. We have listed some of the many attractions for visitors to the area in this section of the website, but there are many, many more. You will find a 'house book' within your accommodation which includes details of other interesting activities. Additionally a visit to the local Tourist Office will uncover more exciting adventures. The choice is endless. You will find details of where the local Tourist Office is located within the ‘Things to do’ section of this website.