Antiques & Flea Markets


These are markets or individual establishments that in the UK would fall somewhere between a salvage yard and an antique shop. Here you will find almost everything under the sun – as long as it’s second-hand, although having said that we have often seen stalls with new items, and you can also come across food stalls selling local produce. However the majority of merchandise will be items of furniture, things for the kitchen, old books, games, music, art and tableware etc. They are a great day out with the possibility of finding that must have item. Be warned, these markets and shops can vary in quality.

Vide Greniers

Vide Greniers (meaning empty attics) are probably the equivalent of a car boot sale in the UK and are held every weekend throughout the summer and regularly during other months. These are more amateur markets with predominantly private sellers and our opinion is that they are often worth a visit. They are social events with bars and food outlets making it a great day out, not to mention the advantage of much better weather for an interesting browse, making the experience overall very enjoyable.

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