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Chateau d'Excideuil

This fortress built in the twelfth century has the only double square dungeon in the Périgord region. She has had tragic moments (twice besieged by Richard the Lionheart), and wonderful moments with the delicate poetry of Giraut de Bornelh, one of Dante's greatest troubadours.
Come and feel the last echoes of love and fury of this emblematic place of the Middle Ages in Périgord. Just 10 minutes in the car from La Roussille.

Chateau de Castelnaud

Castelnaud is a splendid castle at the confluence of the Dordogne river and the Céou river, between Domme and Beynac. The castle has magnificent views across the surrounding countryside, and to Castle Beynac standing across the Dordogne River. The Middle Ages were largely passed in conflict with their near neighbours at Chateau Beynac, and Castelnaud managed to change hands seven times between the French and the English, as each fought to control the region.


Chateau de Hautefort

The elegant Chateau de Hautefort sits atop a rolling green hill, offering superlative views of the Lourde and Beuze valleys in the Dordogne and is 23km from la Roussille. The chateau has a long and rich history, with records showing that the earliest parts of the building date back to the ninth century, when it was the residence of a number of Knights of the Crusade. The architecture of the chateau has undergone many renovations over the centuries, as the need for fortifications lessened, giving over to aesthetic modifications, particularly in the form of symmetry. The building is surrounded by stunning gardens and is well worth a visit.

Chateau de Puyguilham

It is the setting of Chateau de Puyguilhem that makes it so special, with the forests of the northern Dordogne closing in on the back of the chateau and open meadow to the front. The style is partly Renaissance and partly medieval. The large round tower on the right has a medieval air and is linked to the main part of the chateau by one of the two polygonal towers which house the stone staircases.

Chateau de Beynac

The Chateau de Beynac is one of the most beautiful examples of a medieval castle in France. Never taken but temporarily occupied by Richard Lion Heart in the 12th century, it once was defensively facing the English territories across the river. If you only have a couple of days in Dordogne this is the Chateau to see.

Chateau de Jumhilac

The castle is best known for its elaborate, 'sleeping-beauty' style roofs and ornate turrets, with one of the most impressive skylines of all the castles in France. There are several very interesting rooms in the chateau, with a good number of rooms containing grand fireplaces, staircases and parquetry floors to admire. The kitchen is also interesting being a careful reconstruction of a medieval kitchen. This is all set in beautiful French countryside. Just a half an hour drive away from La Roussille.

Chateau de Puymartin

This beautiful chateau played its key role during the Hundred Years War, and then later in the Wars of Religion. A village once stood around the castle but this is no longer in existence.
One of France’s most famous ghost stories involves La Dame Blanche (the white lady). There have been several sightings of this lady dressed in white at the chateau. She is said to be Thérèse de Saint-Clar who was imprisoned in a room at the top of the tower for 15 years by her husband after he caught her with a lover. She died in the room and her body was entombed in the wall of her prison.

Chateau & Jardins des Milandes

World famous thanks to Joséphine Baker, the castle remains the undisputed residence of the Caumont family until the Revolution! Today the beautiful chateau and gardens are open to the public with a variety of different events.

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